Terms of Reference


The Taskforce is established by the appointment of members by the Minister for Health under Crown Prerogative instruments to review key elements of the Royal Hobart Hospital Redevelopment Project and provide advice and recommendations to the Minister for Health on its future.


The Taskforce is to undertake a process of review, investigation and refinement of the project that:

  1. Examines and makes recommendations regarding the overall capital and operating financial risk profile of the Project and the hospital following completion of the works.
  2. Examines the construction methodology of the Project and evaluates its achievability, level of risk to patients, costs implications and timeframes against viable alternative methods of construction and makes a recommendation about the preferred construction methodology for proceeding with the Project.
  3. Recommends a comprehensive, costed and implementable decanting plan that supports the preferred construction methodology identified through its work.
  4. Recommends a project governance and management structure sufficient and able to effectively and efficiently govern and manage the next stage of the Project.
  5. Provides an overall recommendation on whether to proceed with the acceptance of the GCS offer presented by the Managing Contractor, to reject that offer or to proceed with another course of action.
  6. Examines and makes recommendations on any other matters related thereto.

In undertaking its work, the Taskforce must consider the role of the Royal Hobart Hospital Redevelopment in the broader context of Tasmania's health care system in to the future.

The final output of the Taskforce will be a report to Cabinet, through the Minister for Health, addressing the issues outlined above.

The Taskforce will also oversee care and maintenance aspects of the Project and provide strategic advice to the Minister for Health about matters relating to this to ensure that new and emerging risks are not arising in an environment separate from the review and are capable of being addressed.


It is envisaged that the Rescue take no longer than six months to complete from the time of commencement.


The Taskforce will report to the Minister for Health and will provide monthly reports to Cabinet and the Australian Government during this period through the Minister for Health.