Taskforce Work Program

Areas of work

The Taskforce will investigate and make recommendations to the Minister across five areas of work. 

1. Appropriateness of Redeveloping the current RHH Site and Scope (Alignment)

This area of work will confirm the appropriateness of pursuing the Redevelopment project on the current RHH site. Advice will include the risks and benefits of allowing early works to proceed on the site.

It will also examine whether the proposed hospital scope is aligned with relevant health and clinical plans, and that the services scope is reflected in the facility scope.

2. Scope – (Models of Care and Facilities Management Plan)

This area of work will confirm the Clinical Models of Care for the new inpatient precinct.

It will also examine whether there are opportunities to utilise the new hospital facilities to increase the efficiencies and reduce costs for health services across the southern region.

3. Construction Methodology

This area of work will examine the costs and benefits of the two identified construction methodologies, including the associated costs, risks and benefits and benefits for patient care during the period of construction.

4. Capital and Operating Financial Risk

This area of work will examine the level of capital and ongoing financial risk to the State related to the construction of, and operating costs of K Block.

5. Ongoing Governance and Project Management

This area of work will consider appropriate governance for both the duration of the Taskforce operation and for the Redevelopment project going forward.

The timeframes associated with this work program can be found in the Taskforce Milestone Report. Find out more here.

Care and Maintenance of the RHH Redevelopment Project

During the operation of the Taskforce, the Redevelopment project has been placed in care and maintenance. This phase will minimise project expenditure related to ongoing contract obligations.

Work on the project has been scaled back so only low risk work proceeds and will pursue specific packages of work that will contribute to the investigations of the Taskforce, including the construction methodology review.

Professional Reference Group

The Taskforce is supported by a Professional Reference Group (PRG) whose membership includes Michael Kershbaum, Master Builders Association; Dr Tim Greenaway, Australian Medical Association; Neroli Ellis, Australian Nursing and Midwifery Federation; and Independent Member for Denison, Andrew Wilkie. The PRG is chaired by John Ramsay, Rescue Taskforce Chair.

The PRG will input and advice to the Taskforce in consideration of the five work streams ahead of the Taskforce providing advice to Government.

Meeting #1 Inaugural meeting, Thursday, 12 June 2014.

Members were briefed on the status of the Redevelopment project and the scope of the Taskforce. Members held a broad ranging discussion on the project where they were invited to raise key issues for consideration by the Taskforce.

Meeting #2 Joint meeting with the Taskforce, Thursday, 10 July 2014

A joint meeting was held between PRG and the Taskforce where members reviewed the history of the site selection for developing a new public hospital facility in southern Tasmania, master plan for the RHH and the alignment of the proposed inpatient precinct with the health needs of Tasmanians.

Meeting #3 Joint meeting with the Taskforce, Tuesday, 29 July 2014

The PRG and the Taskforce have agreed to continue to hold joint meetings. At this meeting, members agreed on a number of critical areas of work needed so the Taskforce can provide advice to Government. This advice will be on two key matters:

  • The issues, costs and delays associated with the development of alternative sites to the proposed K Block.
  • How the project meets the requirements of the Commonwealth/State agreement to redevelop the RHH.

Meeting #4 Joint meeting with the Taskforce, Monday, 25 August 2014

At this meeting, members were briefed on the progress of the Taskforce across each of the Terms of Reference.

How K-block is built is a key issue for the Taskforce and will determine what hospital services need to be relocated during the construction phase. The briefing considered the scope of the cost benefit analysis commissioned by the Taskforce which is a comprehensive risk assessment on the construction methodologies and their decanting requirements.

Meeting #5 Joint meeting with the Taskforce, Monday, 29 September 2014

At this meeting, KPMG briefed members on their early findings from the Construction Methodologies Risk Assessment, that is, whether the proposed K Block is built in one stage or two stages.

The preliminary risk assessment presented highlighted the complexity of the Redevelopment project. Either a one stage or a two stage build will require multiple moves of hospital services and the impact of construction activities will require careful management. The key concern for members remains the clinical risks associated with these moves.

Members had a wide ranging discussion on these and other key issues for the project going forward.