Milestone Report Number Three

05 September 2014


Scheduled Finish


Completion Date

1. Appropriateness of redeveloping the current RHH site and scope (Alignment)

Examine the barriers to progressing the Redevelopment project on an alternate site. Advice will include the risks and benefits of allowing early works to proceed on the site.

Examine whether the proposed hospital project scope is aligned with relevant health and clinical plans, and that the services scope is reflected in the facility scope.

End July 2014



1 August 2014

5 September 2014

2. Scope – (Models of Care and Facilities Management Plan)

Confirm Models of Care.

Examine whether there are opportunities to utilise the new hospital facilities to increase efficiencies and reduce costs for health services across the southern region.

End August 2014


5 September 2014

3. Construction Methodology

Examine the costs and benefits of the identified construction methodologies, including the associated costs, risks and benefits for patient care during the period of construction.

End October 2014

Work has commenced and is on track.

4. Capital and Operating Financial Risks

Examine the level of capital and ongoing financial risk for the State.

End October 2014

Early work has commenced

5. Ongoing Governance and Project Management

Consider the appropriate governance that would be needed for the Redevelopment RHH Project to proceed.

End October 2014

Early work has commenced


6. Taskforce Final Report to Cabinet.

End November 2014