Taskforce Communique Number Four

30 September 2014

One of the critical areas for the Taskforce is the Redevelopment's construction methodology and associated decanting requirements. The KPMG Construction Methodologies Risk Assessment has been a key area of work during September. Stakeholder meetings have continued during the month. Early work on the final components of the work program has also commenced.


KPMG have been engaged to consider the risks of the two identified construction methodologies focusing on construction, clinical, delivery, program and cost related risks. To date, this work has reviewed project documentation; consulted with personnel from DHHS, THO-South, industrial organisations and peak bodies; and facilitated construction and clinical risk review workshops.

KPMG have briefed the Professional Reference Group and Taskforce on their early findings which have further highlighted the complexity of the Redevelopment project. Both construction methodologies require multiple moves of hospital services and the impact of construction activities will require careful management.

KPMG will report to the Taskforce before the end of October 2014.

For further information on the Construction Methodologies please see Taskforce Communique Number Three.

Stakeholder Engagement

The Taskforce has continued to meet with key stakeholders including presenting the findings of the review of the design development process to clinicians. This information was made available to THO-South via a second round of whole-of-staff briefings.

The Taskforce also held an Open Day for THO-South staff, key peak bodies, volunteers, Auxiliary and consumer representatives on Thursday 26 September 2014. This included presentations on the design development process and 'a look inside K Block', the design features of the proposed K Block. Attendees were also able to talk directly with the Taskforce Chair, raising issues and asking questions.

A number of mental health stakeholders have made representations to the Taskforce on the design of K Block and these are being further investigated.

Finalising the work program

The project has faced significant governance and management challenges for several years.

The Taskforce has commissioned consultant, Jodi Willcox to investigate and identify options for a rigorous governance and project management structure to support the Redevelopment project going forward.

The Taskforce is working closely with the project's Quantity Surveyor to review the budget position which will be finalised once the construction methodology and decanting requirements are agreed.

The Taskforce is scheduled to report to Government on the construction methodology, capital and operating financial risks and ongoing governance and project management by the end of October.